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About Us

Who is DAS Consulting?

Our fundamentals that are necessary to actually do the job; the attributes below will make our team your best choice.Internet Marketing

Attention to Detail

We are your account manager and we partner with your business to bring you the best marketing ROI you can get. Detail to all aspects of your marketing need are very important to your success. .


I’ve found that many companies don’t show the curiosity that it takes to become subject matter experts.  We are compulsion to know how things work and it drives us to read more, explore more and learn more about search optimization, programming, marketing and other aspects  of successful internet marketing.  ”I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.” Albert Einstein


We have a positive attitude which is crucial to a good working environment.  Bad attitudes are poison to your a small organization and they’re not very helpful when you need to interact with clients.  It’s hard enough dealing with tough clients and harder still when someone on your team has a bad attitude.

Abundance Mentality

SEO is about sharing.  The most successful marketing and web design that we have found is sharing what we do for your business. As we share and teach others what they need to know.  Whether in a conference setting, webinar, or a one-on-one with your employee/s, sharing is the key to overall success.  You want others to know what you know so they can converse on the same level as you and provide you with their insights as well.


Multiple clients, multiple projects and a variety of competing priorities; we got to be organized.  This is not an easy step-by-step process job.  It’s full of stop and go, nuanced projects and demanding clients.  We have got to be very organized to be successful.

Negotiation Skills

Our clients want deals, fellow employees want to do less and want us to do more and managers want you to work 24/7, so you’ve got to know how to negotiate.  Sometimes we just explaining the situation to gain advantage.  Other times it’s playing hardball when negotiating rates or keeping project creep at a minimum but negotiation skills are essential.

Getting Things Done

Finally, follow up and follow through can make or break you in this business.  Nothing happens when you want it to, our team gets back to you when they say they will, our writers don’t miss deadlines or give you ‘crap’ we inform you if thing arise such as you’ve got to edit or rewrite and we never miss our delivery we are on time. So, if you’ve got 20 separate projects with 20 different deadlines and we got to be able to manage them through to completion.

Wow, that’s a lot.  No one has all these attributes but if you find someone that has a good mix of them, hang on to them because they will positively impact your business, your clients business and their fellow employees.


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